COMPANY ⋆ Revelle Dresses

About us

Revelle is a fashion label dedicated to powerful and feminine women. The attitude we desire to inspire is strong, but at the same time, diaphanous. Revelle’s dresses are printed in the mind and soul of women, never to be forgotten. The brand architecture is based on a balance between power and delicacy, a blend of boldness and innocence. From soft textures, fluid garments and handcrafted techniques, every dress is a perfect synchronization of the made to measure process, along with a dynamic bond to the everyday women’s needs.
“There’s nothing that makes me more fulfilling than a confident woman in a Revelle dress. That is my final purpose of elegance and feminity, a purpose for the new, independent and full of life woman.” (Mihaela Diaconu, creative director)

Company information: is property of Mimosa Design SRL
Headquarter: Soseaua Arcu 35, Iasi, ROMANIA